Harness the magic of the moon & be empowered to heal your relationship with your womb becoming in better alignment with your bodies natural cycles

Welcome to Akasha Apothecary, 

Akasha Moon Medicine offers an intentionally handcrafted herbal apothecary. Specially made for women at every phase of life.

Our mission is provide high quality organic skin + body care free of any and all harsh chemicals and to help women become in better alignment with their moon cycles and to feel empowered to take your healing process into your own hands. 

We source our raw materials from local family owned organic herbal farms.  Working with the energies of the moon that guide all women through each phase of their moon cycle each month. Harvesting and creating very intentionally at different times of the month.  

The offerings we create are made with love and respect for Gaia and all of her healing power. Giving back the herbs to the earth with prayers of gratitude. We use traditional folk herbalism methods passed down for generations. Honoring all of our ancestors each order from our website plants a tree.

Thank you for being here dear one. You are loved 

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Our Newest Offering

Golden Cacao Elixir  

Adadptogenic mushrooms ~ Ayurvedic Herbs ~ Superfoods 

This beautiful blend of organic cacao spices and herbs is a perfect addition to your self care routine. This elixir has scientifically proven mood boosting, anti inflammatory, cramp relieving, properties and is intended to be used during the luteal phase ( can help relieve PMS symptoms ) during the bleeding phase ( can help with cramping of the uterus ) 

Energetically this blend of herbs is very grounding and soothing to the heart + womb space. 

Golden Cacao Elixir
Golden Cacao Elixir
Golden Cacao Elixir

Golden Cacao Elixir

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Fall Collection from Zig Zag is here..

Zig Zag our favorite ethically sourced handmade clothing brand fall collection of shawls, scarves & bags are here. They make beautiful gifts as well

Garden Of Maya Handmade 

Our newest featured creatrix 

Maya creates beautiful + intentional candles for gratitude and protection all offerings are handmade in Santa Cruz Mountains

Radical Self Care Rituals for all Wombxn

Creating a self care routine that caters to your bodies needs during different times of the month. 

Here is a guide to help you find our offerings for each phase of your cycle.

Inner Winter ~ Bleeding Phase ~ 

This is a time for lots of rest, hydration and caring for your womb space. Your body may be experiencing cramping, bloating, and discomfort due to the uterus beginning to shed her lining. 

Full Moon Relieving Salve  can help to provide comfort during this phase of the cycle filled with full spectrum hemp CBD and organic herbs specially chosen to help relax the uterus muscles. 

Golden Cacao Elixir  this elixir is high in iron and magnesium that is helping in relieving cramping and has amazing mood boosting properties 

Inner Spring ~ Follicular Phase ~ 

During this phase of the cycle you may experience an increase in energy after shedding and becoming new again. Our la luna tea is a beautiful celebration of this new energy. About 5 - 7 days after your bleeding cycle ends this is the time to do a sacred yoni steam clearing away any stagnant energy, nourishing the womb + providing potent healing to the mind body and spirit. Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that women throughout history have utilized this practice to become better connected to themselves and the earth 

La Luna Tea beautifully fragrant & a lovely addition to a yoni steaming session

Inner Balance Yoni Steam ~ blend of organic herbs that nourish the yoni + uterus ( detailed instructions come with this offering ) 

Inner Summer ~ Ovulation Phase ~

You may experience a burst of energy during this phase of your cycle. This is typically when you would be ovulating and may be experiencing an increased sex drive. We have creating a yoni oil that can be used for self pleasure or with a partner. 

Yoni Oil  ~ This oil is a beautiful blue hue and has a lovely scent 

Inner Fall ~ Luteal Phase ~ 

During this time your body is starting to slow down and prepare for bleeding.  Hydration, proper nutrition, herbal support is paramount for supporting your body through this phase of you cycle with ease and grace. This is the phase of the cycle were you may be experiencing traditional PMS symptoms such as swollen breasts, back pain, cramping in the uterus, low energy, mood swings, bloating and increased hunger.  This symptoms are all clues that your body needs something. All hands are on deck during the luteal phase ~ lots of water, teas, sacred baths, self massage, adaptogenic elixirs ( adaptogens help the body to regulate cortisol levels - the stress producing hormone - and to calm the nervous system and help to regulate sleep cycles )

We recommend all of the following offerings during the luteal phase of the cycle as the body is in need of extra support. 

Moon Oil ~ for breast and womb massage to help sooth the discomfort. Filled with full spectrum hemp CBD & anti inflammatory herbs such as wild yam & lavender 

La Luna Tea ~ for any bloating that you may be feeling. Can also be helpful in the mornings + evenings to uplift mood 

Relieving CBD Salve This salve is a powerful pain reliever and is filled with full spectrum CBD and herbs such as rosemary + arnica that are helpful in relieving back pain, and discomfort 

Golden Cacao Elixir  ~ This blend of cacao, Ayurvedic herbs + spices have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in supporting the body when you are experiencing PMS symptoms. 

**Please note that these offerings provide support at all phases of your moon cycle. 

**womxn (used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of all womxn) **

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