Free Guide For Recycling Used Apothecary Jars + Skin Care Bottles

Free Guide for Recycling Used Apothecary Jars + Skin Care Bottles 


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Where self care + community care meet ✨
When I am finished with skin care bottles, apothecary jars, tins I often find myself wanting to find another use for them.
After working with many local mutual aid groups supporting the herbalists it was very apparent that there was a need for these materials.
I have created this guide for those who feel called to community being an important part of their self care routine 🌿
• Search for local mutual aid groups, community apothecaries, herbalists who may be in need of these materials
• Clean + disinfect jars
• Donate
• Feel the love ♥️ and the reciprocal relationship being cultivated between yourself and those who are in need in your community 🌿♻️
• It takes a village - Mutual aid is that village ✨
Santa Cruz Local Initiative
Campesinx Womb Care Project 🌹🌿🩸 🌑🌕
Providing womb care kits for indigenous farm worker womxn
I’ve had the pleasure of working with these amazing womxn over this last year. They are doing such amazing things for the community