Lisa's experience with Akasha Moon Medicine

Lisa's experience with Akasha Moon Medicine

I should start by saying, I have now used Akasha products before, during, and after my pregnancy. Here I am, roughly a year from my first use of an Akasha product, and Alissa and her creations are saving me again. 

I first used an Akasha salve seeking natural relief for back pain which I have struggled with on and off for years due to scoliosis and a physically demanding job. I was so surprised by how well the CBD salve worked for my muscle tension and pain that my intrigue for natural medicine was then born. Prior to use of that first salve, I had never ventured into the magic of medicinal marijuana usage in any form. Fast forward to getting pregnant and having my body go through the many changes that growing a child entails, and my aches and pains were worse than ever. I turned to that original salve yet again to get me through my second and third trimester.   

Around 38 weeks pregnant, I developed a pregnancy related rash that affects 1 in 250 women. The medical name for the rash is PUPPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) or PEP (polymorphic eruption of pregnancy). It typically affects women beginning on their abdomen and spreading to their legs. My rash came in FAST and vigorously. There is NO curing the rash once it appears except for to give birth. I tried every oral antihistamine, topical itch cream, lotion, body oil, icing… you name it, I tried it. Nothing was giving me relief from the CONSTANT painful itching that had me up all hours of the night wanting to literally rip my skin off. I recall many a night waking up in tears and crying to my husband about how miserable I was. I don’t know why I hadn’t though to use my CBD salve then… I WISH I HAD. Fast forward to the birth of my son. I thought “finally, this rash will go away and I will have relief!” I was wrong… so so wrong. 

   Following birth, my rash persisted. It didn’t just stubbornly stay… IT GOT WORSE. I was still in the hospital when doctors were trying to get dermatology specialists to come look at me. They were trying IV, oral, and topical medications to combat my rash with zero improvement. Every nurse and MD that saw me in labor and delivery had said they had never seen a case of PUPPP as bad as mine. The day I was discharged from the hospital with my newborn, that very day, I had to go to a skin doctor, barely able to walk or move from my c-section. I was given yet another cream and told that my symptoms would improve in a “few weeks”.   One, two, three, and eventually SEVEN weeks passed. In that time I was going to the doctors at least 2 times a week and being managed by OBGYN and Dermatology. The creams weren’t working. The rash was spreading. The pain and itching were RELENTLESS. I was finally prescribed a high dose oral steroid and reassured this would be “THE” intervention that would finally knock this rash out! You can guess what happened… my rash continued to rage on, and return in places it had semi left. More doctors visits, more adjustments to steroid dosing, more creams. I was at my witts end. Here I was trying to care for my newborn son and adjust to motherhood, hormones all out of sorts, and wanting to rip my skin off. On top of the skin issues I had other medical problems including an incision infection, a secondary infection, and a fluid filled mass in my abdomen that required an urgent care visit and an ultrasound. I was falling apart mentally from all of this and losing any hope that I would ever have my physical health back. 

            Right when I was at the lowest emotional and mental place I had ever been, I demanded a skin biopsy and bloodwork. While waiting for the results I told myself NO MORE creams, no more medications. I decided to reach out to Alissa and here is where my story takes a turn for the better. After explaining my situation and what I was dealing with, Alissa went above and beyond to provide multiple custom creations, given my skin sensitivity. Within minutes of messaging her she had offered to do research and development of ingredients for me and get me the products within the week. I can’t tell you what I felt to know that this woman and her company would be so compassionate to an individual and truly invested in helping me, and FAST. 

            Alissa and Akasha Apothecary delivered, literally and figuratively. In conjunction to her new Herbal Relieving Salve, I had 2 CBD body oils and an additional activated charcoal CBD salve to use. I started using the products immediately. I applied the body oils during the day and the salves at night. THE FIRST night, I had relief. I only woke 1 time with the itch coming on but reapplied the product and went back to sleep. It was the first night I didn’t lay awake itching myself to death with welts and rash all over my body. By day 2, the visual appearance of my rash was GONE. The patches on my arms, hips, thighs, buttocks, and back of knees were gone. The redness and warm skin, the welts, the spots… they were gone. I have now been using the products for one week and my rash has still not returned. The itching is gone and I am feeling like myself again. I am still in shock. 

            The products themselves are amazing. The smells are natural and not overwhelming. I am no cannabis expert but it is very easy to tell that there is no skimping of amount or quality of ingredients in these products. The salves are buttery smooth and glide on the skin with ease, creating a nice barrier but not leaving a greasy film. I use the salve as a lip balm and on my husband as a beard and scalp moisturizer. The body oils are wonderful alone and also mixed with lotion. I even tried the oil on my infant son with no negative reaction on his sensitive baby skin. 

            It sounds so cliché but these products gave me my life back. I can be present in the moments with my son and enjoy him because I am not in a continual state of pain and discomfort. I cannot express my gratitude for Alissa and Akasha Apothecary ENOUGH. The level of care, professionalism, and PASSION that this company embodies is second to none. I will continue to be a believer in the power of plants and natural medicine, thanks to Akasha Apothecary. I urge anyone hesitant to try these products to go ahead and pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed! 


-      Lisa Brown


 Thank you so much Lisa for your support we are so grateful that we could help you. This is why we choose plants over pills. Whole plant based skin care is based on thousands of years of folk lore. We trust in these plant allies to guide us back to health. We love you