Rose + Jasmine Bath Bomb 300mg

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Rose + Jasmine Bath Bomb 

Deep Relaxation with 300mg C B D

Bathing Ritual Included 

Paired with essential oil of the rose + jasmine 

in the art of aromatherapy the rose + jasmine offer us an invitation into the deep parts of the feminine energy. Rose is the embodiment of all aspects of this - Jasmine offers an opening into our true nature

Bathing rituals are apart of weekly self care routine and one of my favorite ways to clear negative energy and nourish my mind, body and spirit. Sacred bathing rituals have been apart of many cultures since the beginning of time. 

Bathing Ritual Invitation 

  • Rose + Jasmine C B D Bath Bomb
  • Candle 
  • Rose Petals 
  • Medicine Music
  • Akasha Apothecary Moon or Phoenix Oil - for after bathing warm oil massage 

Clear the energy of the bathroom with a smudge smoke and clean out your bathtub.  ( make sure a window is open )  After your space has been cleared turn on healing music and light candle(s) as you begin to draw your bath set your intentions for this self care ritual thanking the spirit of the water for coming to be with you. Add rose petals ~ thanking the spirit of the rose. Add bath bomb ~ sinking deeply into relaxation. After your bath ~ create a nest for yourself with blankets and pillows and do a full body massage from foot to head. Focusing especially on the feet. As you move up the body thanking each body part. Journal your experience