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Vata dosha is comprised of the air & ether elements. Imagine these elements coming into contact with your being. What qualities do air & ether (the space in between things) possess? How do they feel in your body & mind? Are air & ether: light or heavy, hot or cold, static or flowing? Let us help you answer these questions. Air & ether are both inherently light, dry, cold, mobile & flowing. Since these are the qualities that comprise these elements & these elements are what create vata dosha, then vata dosha reflects these qualities as well.

Vata type skin is ruled by the elements air & ether. When in balance, vata type skin is olive tone, slightly cool, dry & has fine pores. When out of balance, this skin type is prone to excess dryness, blackheads, fine lines, premature aging & wrinkles. Wrinkles tend to be most predominant in the forehead region & around the eyes.

~ By Paavani Ayurveda

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