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Earth Centered Medicine Woman // Intuitive Healer Xx Alissa Maya  

I have always had deep connection with nature and herbal medicines. When I was a little girl I loved to create flower waters and my favorite memories are hiking in the mountains of Utah, spending summers camping, and always looking for a new adventure outdoors. I grew up beneith the redwood forests of Nothern California. Being outside was my espace and my connection to my inner knowing that there was something so much greater than me that I could connect to through the trees and the soil and the flowers.

I am very passionate about using organic handmade plant medicine for the mind, body and soul. It is our duty to cultivate a reciprical relationship with the earth. Gaia provides us with such amazing healing plants and it is our responsibility to take care of her as well. It was importatnt to me that when I started this business that I am in alignment with my values for being eco friendly and taking care of those in the community who are in need of herbal support.

In fall 2020 I started The Renegade Apothecary Project - a free apothecary providing mutual aid and disaster relief during the fire season. An amazing team of herbalists, medicine women, donors and volunteers from across the US came together to make this project possible

"This work began through my own self discovery and personal healing journey with plant medicines - I have experienced chronic pain as well as anxiety for many years. Using plant medicines and creating my own herbal offerings has allowed me to build an intimate relationship with my own radical self care" 

My passion for educating myself and my community about the benefits of using plants, intention, ritual, and ceremony to create profound self healing lead me down a path of discovering folk herbalism, Ayurveda, being guided by the moon to live more in alignment with our bodies natural cycles as a womxn, and discovering somatic healing modalities to soothe the nervous system from having lived through traumatic experiences growing up. 

I am also passionate about community and being of service - The Renegade Apothecary Project - a community of herbalists serving people in need with free herbal + wellness offerings. The other part of our community offering is that we donate to local grassroots organizations like Livity Rising - who provide free and low lost community clinics 

Along with planting 1 tree for every single order that is placed on our website. I believe that it is deeply important to be in right relationship with Gaia - always offering something back to the earth when we take or use resources from her. Planting a tree is a beautiful way to give back for the resources used to curate our wellness offerings as well as leave a legacy of respect + honoring of our ancestors + those yet to come. 

I am a certified Women's Work Facilitator - Wild Essence School - offering 1:1 radical self care to womxn who are looking to answer the call to incorporate plant medicines into everyday ritual + ceremony. 


Currently available to speak at summits, podcasts, and workshops 


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