Moon Cycles + Menstruation

Our menstrual cycles can be tracked by different phases of the moon ~ the four seasons ~ as womben we are cyclical by nature and the better we can attune ourselves to what is going on in our inner world we can better take care of ourselves and those around us.

If this is a new process for you to track your cycle welcome sister to this beautiful lifelong journey inwards. We suggest using these tools to better track your cycle

1. A moon journal

2. Cycle tracking app. ( moon phases, + lunar are the ones that I use they both have widget capabilities so you can easily track them on your home screen )

3. Herbal + Adaptogenic Support ( Below you will find products that are in alignment with the different phases of your cycle )



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Week 1: Inner Winter – Bleeding Phase ~ Around day 1-6 of your menstrual cycle when you’re bleeding.
Week 2: Inner Spring – Follicular Phase ~ Around day 7-13 when you’re in the pre-ovulation phase.
Week 3: Inner Summer – Ovulation Phase ~ Around day 14-21 during your ovulation phase.
Week 4: Inner Fall – Luteal Phase ~ Around day 22-29 during your luteal phase (winding down again)