Divine Essence Roller
Divine Essence Roller

Divine Essence Roller

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Divine Essence Roller 

This deeply healing oil was made to assist the transitions that are happening on our planet right now. For those who are ready to go deeper in their self care practice using these plant allies to assist you on your journey 

Frankincense - the truth oil - divine love - supports meditation & spiritual wisdom. White Fir assists in generational healing addressing negative patterns & traditions helping those to work through negative patterns hidden in the body and soul - assists in spiritual protection & forging new pathways.

emotions and essential oils 7th edition - 


Supporting these oils we have called in the divine feminine energy of the rose 🌹 

rose + rose quartz 

sending divine love into all of the spaces of the body and spirit calling out for it 


To Use: 

Assisting in meditation + womb healing

Roll oil onto neck, palms, and womb space take three deep breaths and sink into the divine essence of the universe. Allow the plants to assist you on your journey inwards.



  • Organic fair trade frankincense resin + essential oil
  • Organic fir essential oil 
  • Organic sweet almond oil 
  • Organic MCT oil 



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