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Recycled Metal Ornament - Haiti

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These metal ornaments make a wonderful decoration for Christmas or any time of the year.

The art of making metal crafts from recycled metal drums began about 50 years ago in Haiti, when a blacksmith used discarded metal drums to make crosses for the cemetery. Today the artisans in the village of Croix de Bouquets in Haiti are engaged in transforming used metal drums into beautiful pieces of art.
  • Angel Ornament measures 3-1/8" high x 2-1/2" wide
  • Elephant Ornament measures 3-1/2" high x 4-1/4" wide
  • Heart Ornament measures 4" high x 4" wide
  • Hummingbird Ornament measures 3-1/2" high x 3-1/8" wide
  • Moon Ornament measures 4-1/4" high x 4" wide
  • Nativity Ornament measures 4-1/4" high x 4" wide
  • Paw Ornament measures 2-3/4" high x 3-1/4" wide

Handmade in Haiti and fair trade imported.