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Traditional Sisal Basket from Rwanda

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The tradition of handcrafting baskets is a labor intensive and highly skilled craft that has been a part of the Rwandan culture for centuries and is passed down from generation to generation. These baskets are used as containers for grain and food products, as packages for small gifts, and in times past Rwandan women used them to exchange secret greetings or messages with one another.

Woven from natural sisal fiber and hand dyed in red and white at Gahaya Links, these hand-dyed and crafted baskets make a beautiful decorative accessory for your home. Having started with a modest group of 20 artisans in 2004, Gahaya Links now works towards the social and economic empowerment of over 4000 basket weavers in the region. 

  • Measure 8-1/2” tall x 5” diameter

Handmade in Rwanda and fair trade imported.