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Akasha Apothecary

Vidya ~ Seasonal Body Oil

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Vidya ~ Sanskrit for knowing | Or knowledge 

This deeply nourishing body oil is perfect for everyday skin repair and fighting free radicals. We only use whole plants when creating our skin care offerings so you can receive the full benefits of a holistic approach to healthy skin. 

Calendula is one of the main ingredients in this oil and has been used for thousands of years in first aid kits and beauty regimens throughout the ages. Study’s show that calendula can speed up the skins natural healing process and the petals contain compounds that aid to soothe the skin from irritations, and to provide antioxidant protection for the skin. It is also found to be a natural SPF protection. 

This is oil is made for those with sensitive skin as it does not contain any essential oils. I make this oil seasonally and so each batch contains different herbs 

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